Student Stories from the Field!

Melanie on her way to the BC Food Systems Network

Melanie on her way to the BC Food Systems Network

SYC’s student leaders inspire us every day. And it turns out, they are inspired too! The following is a reflection from UNBC’s Campus Food Strategy Group Coordinator and a local food hero! 

Melanie’s Reflections: 

My name is Melanie Anderson, and I have been involved in the Campus Food Strategy Project since January 2014 at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, B.C. My experience working with Sierra Youth Coalition and Meal Exchange has been amazing and their continual support has driven a vast majority of the positive changes surrounding food at my University Campus. 


Recently, from June 26th to June 29th I was fortunate enough to attend the 16th annual BC Food Systems gathering in Sorrento with Nitha Karanja, the Healthy Communities Coordinator at UNBC. Though I am currently living in Prince George, I am originally from Ontario, so I have not had the opportunity to travel much around British Columbia. When the opportunity arose to drive through B.C. to a food network gathering I was delighted to partake in the experience.


The focus of this years gathering was Revisiting our Roots: Honouring Our Bio-Cultural Heritage. The three day program featured informative workshops, interactive sessions, and discussions on various topics including, Indigenous land and food systems, farms, and and water protection, seed saving, GMO awareness, year of the Family Farm, and biodiversity. 


As it was my first time attending the annual BC food systems gathering it was great to meet and interact with the key players involved with food issues in B.C. Overall I enjoyed the experience and the new relationships I have built will help me further my work at UNBC. Next year the gathering is being held in the North, so myself along with the other CFSG coordinator are eager to be involved with the planning and possibly even running a session of our own surrounding food systems in Northern B.C. As a Campus Food Strategy Coordinator I am excited to share my knowledge and past experiences while working on food initiatives in the North. 

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