GrassRoutes: Students Cycle to the Arctic to Promote Sustainability

I am passionate about all sorts of things, but cycling, the Arctic and climate change are definitely near the top of my list. This summer, I am going to pursue all three passions as I join three other young Canadians on a biking adventure in northern Canada. Our “Journey to the Midnight Sun” starts in Vancouver and ends in Inuvik, though I will be participating only in the Whitehorse to Dawson City leg. The purpose of this journey is to promote climate change education and sustainable living. Along our journey, we will deliver interactive workshops about climate change and environmental leadership in partnership with BYTE . We will also raise funds for a northern bike sharing co-op and make a short documentary. I cannot wait!

I am biking with three other inspiring Canadian youth: Saskia, Graham and Gavin. We are all members of GrassRoutes ( – a group of students who believe in biking as a means of personal growth and social change.

This summer, GrassRoutes will build on the success of its two previous journeys. Last summer, GrassRoutes biked from BC to Nova Scotia, raising $14,684 for youth environmental projects and hosting 22 environmental leadership workshops for 680 Canadian students. This spring, GrassRoutes biked from Erizan to Istambul to raise funds for a grassroots microfinance initiative. GrassRoutes cannot wait for its next adventure!

With only a few weeks until I head off, I am getting extremely excited for my adventure! I have never been on a long bike trip, so this will definitely be a step outside of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to learning more about myself, my lovely team mates and the Yukon during this journey. I am particularly excited to speak with Yukon youth about climate change and learn about their perspective on this issue that affects all Canadians.

The entire GrassRoutes team is very grateful for the support of the Sierra Youth Coalition’s Education Fund. With SYC’s help, The Sierra Club Canada Foundation set up an online donation page for us and is offering charitable receipts for donations!

To learn more, get involved or donate, please visit our website at

Peace & bicycle grease,

Jessica (and the rest of the GrassRoutes team)

Jessica is a student and former chair of the Sierra Youth Coalition’s Executive Committee

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