Happy Holidays from the Sierra Youth Coalition!

2012 has been a great year for SYC! Starting back in February with the Western Canada Sustainable Campuses Conference, our first LEAForum for Ottawa youth at the Canadian Museum of Nature in April, the National Food Summit in August, the National Sustainable Campuses Conference and PowerShift 2012 in October, and our Sweet 16 launch in November… It’s been a busy year!

It’s incredible to think of how much we’ve done this year, but we couldn’t do it without your help. That’s why this holiday, we ask you to continue supporting SYC. This holiday season, give the gift of sustainability, youth empowerment and a better Canada. How?

  • Become a member of SYC’s Sustainers Circle by becoming a monthly donor. Your gift of $5, $10 or $20 a month help keep SYC’s incredible work going. You can either support us directly by donating here, or be eligible for a tax receipt by supporting the programs we run in cooperation with the Sierra Club Canada Foundation here.
  • Make someone’s holidays a bit more sustainable. Instead of giving material gifts, make a one-time donation on behalf of someone and we’ll send them a special holiday thank-you card.
  • What better gift than telling the youth in your life that they have the power to make real change?  Sign them up for a membership today and they’ll be invited to an exclusive online town hall where we’ll listen to their wants and concerns for sustainability in Canada. Plus an SYC membership comes with some extra gifts…Access to SYC decision making, discounts on SYC events, 40% of VIA rail travel and more!
  • Give yourself a holiday gift… Purchase a SYC membership for yourself and you’ll get access to the same benefits. Or, if you’re now over 30 and no longer a student, join Sierra Club Canada and you can still enjoy discounts on SYC events, plus get access to regional decision making in the club.

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2012 a huge success! The team at SYC wishes you all a happy, healthy and sustainable holiday season. Until next year…

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