Got what it takes to be Canada’s Next Green Journalist?

Calling all 12-21 year olds! Environmental Defence is on a quest to find Canada’s top youth environmental journalists in film, photography and writing. Got what it takes to be Canada’s Next Green Journalist?

Canada’s Next Green Journalist is more than about shining a spotlight on Canadian youth journalistic talent; it’s also about enhancing it. For the second year in a row, Environmental Defence is sweetening the deal with career-launching prizes for each contest and age category: a digital SLR camera, a waterproof pocket camcorder, and a laptop. And a little motivation for teachers? Winners are provided with funds to create a sustainability initiative at their school.

For four years now, Environmental Defence has been blown away by the journalistic integrity put forth by youth from across Canadathrough the Young Reporters for the Environment competitions, part of an international project by the Foundation for Environmental Education which pits budding reporters against one another for top prizes. They tackle issues and bring us inspiring local stories on issues from climate change, coastlines, energy and water, to agriculture, cities, waste and biodiversity, and they never disappoint. 

The deadline for Canada’s Next Green Journalist is April 30, 2012. Top entries will shine on Environmental Defence’s website and will then battle for international recognition and an award against competitors from at least 15 countries.

So, are you a teacher? A proud parent? An ecstatically bright-minded 12-21 year old with big dreams of becoming an internationally acclaimed journalist? Do you have what it takes to be Canada’s Next Green Journalist?  Then prove it.

For questions, information and tips, visit the website at


Guest Post from Aviva Friedman, Communications Coordinator at Environmental Defence

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