Better late than never…

Hi everyone,

We haven’t been doing the greatest job lately of updating our blog… And I think it’s high time to fill you in as to why! We’ve been going through some changes lately, mostly around staffing. If you follow us on Facebook or on Twitter you’ll know about one of them already. Tracey Guptill, National Sustainable Campuses Coordinator, moved on to new pastures (quite literally – she moved to an organic dairy farm before embarking on travels to India). In her place, we now have Sarah English, who is taking on the Coordinator duties while performing an evaluation of the project. Sarah is a former Sustainability Coordinator at Wilfrid Laurier University, and she’s bringing a great perspective to the project! We’re glad to have her on board.

Another change we have had is the departure of our National Director, Mark Hanlon. Mark has moved back to the beautiful isle of Newfoundland, and will be keeping up with his passion for the environment on a more local level. Mark contributed a great deal to SYC over his tenure as ND, and we are excited about what he’ll be up to on the Rock! In his absence, I will be taking on the role of Interim National Director. I’m looking forward to working will all of you in my new role, and continuing to work with high school students and teachers through the Sustainable High Schools Project. If you have any ideas for projects or events, or if you’re interested in volunteering with SYC, feel free to contact me at director[at]

Sustainably yours,
Gabriela Rappell
Interim National Director
Sierra Youth Coalition

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