Change the World. Save the Planet. Have fun!

This is my personal mantra and what’s top of mind as I start my new job with SYC. I’m super excited to be working with this amazingorganization and group of people on what is to me the most important thing to do right now: reverse the destruction of our world and bring justice to those being oppressed by the ol’ powers-that-be. That Carl Sagan quote comes to mind: “Nothing else is going

 to matter if you can’t breathe the air or drink the water. Don’t just sit this one out. Do something!” That’s right – it’s gotta be a priority for us, now – all Canadians, and everyone around the world – changing key practices to reduce our carbon emissions, our air and water pollution, unsustainable agriculture, a broken justice system, a giant hole where our democracy should be, kids feeling left out and pissed off, and on and on. Sounds like lots of different problems, but for me, they’re all interrelated, and that’s what I love about the concept of sustainability: it covers everything.

Some of the ideas I’ve got in my head now:

– A national engine retrofit program, to get hybrid engines into cars and drastically reduce our transportation-related carbon emissions and improve city air quality;
– A national food and farmer campaign, to get people growing and knowing what a sustainable food system is all about;
– Some awesome skill building and sharing workshops and activities;
– Getting people thinking and talking about ecological economics and responsible investments; and
– Making awesome media and revamping the SYC website to be beautiful, useful and inspiring.

If you’ve got campaign or conference ideas, please drop me a line at and let me know what you are thinking. I can’t wait to start working with the awesome SYC network to revolutionize our sleepy little country!

Peas and love-


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