Is our canned tuna, actually tuna??

For those canned tuna lovers, I hope you can prepare yourself for what’s next…
Alright so Greenpeace did some research to investigate the species of
fish that actually makes it  into that little can of so called tuna;
and turns out that the majority of the major canned tuna brands, such
as Clover Leaf and The Canadian Fishing Company (Gold Seal), have LESS
than 45% of actual tuna in it. Now doesn’t that make you wonder what
else could possibly be in there?
When the fishers set their huge net in the Ocean to catch tuna, it
isn’t the only species that gets caught in their net. Species such as
Marine Turtles, Sharks, Rays and even Seabirds! Because they are such
in a rush to get as much fish as they possibly can, they don’t think
of at least putting back in the water the wrong animals in the net.  I
used to eat “tuna” before, so I don’t anymore, but it just makes me a
little sad to think I could have eaten a turtle or a seabird! I am
happy that someone is doing something about this issue and who better
than Greenpeace. Everyone has their own opinion on whether or not
things are good or bad, but reading what Greenpeace found out, will
help clear your head on how unsustainable a lot of major companies
actually are.
So I ask to please take 2 minutes to read about the canned tuna issue:

– Latisha C.

Sustainable High School Co-op Student

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