Election Update

Dear SYC members and supporters:

The results of Monday’s federal election may have come as a surprise or shock to some SYC members and supporters. As you are no doubt well aware, our country is now led by a Conservative majority government. While we congratulate all parties on their participation in the democratic process, the result is a strong shift in our country’s political landscape with an alarming polarization.

As a voice for sustainability and for youth who care about the future of our planet we are committed to demanding that opposition parties hold our government accountable for it’s decisions over the next four years. It is unfortunate that the Conservative Party has a dismal track record on climate change and social justice issues. We will be watching with keen interest over the
next four years and will keep our members and supporters up to date on policy developments and changes. We will work to provide you with opportunities to engage with your Members of Parliament on various issues.

We were also delighted that Canada elected it’s first Member of Parliament from the Green Party of Canada and we congratulate Elizabeth May for her work on achieving this notable moment in Canadian political history.

While turnout was slightly higher this election than last, it is nowhere near where it should be. Every Canadian, and especially youth, should think of voting as a democratic right – but also as an obligation. There are youth all over the world who are protesting and in many cases losing their lives for the right to vote. It is something that we here in Canada take for granted.

Mark Hanlon
National Director

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