Diary Of a New Voter – Strategic Voting

There are so many things to consider! Only 4 days left until election day. I think I have made my decision, I want my vote to make a change, and don’t want my vote to go to waste. I think that is something a lot of people think about. But sometimes a vote may not make a difference in your riding, maybe it can in another riding, but what can you do about that? In swoops the strategic vote! And votepair.ca! I vote for the party of another’s choice in my riding (where that party has a better chance than mine) and they take my party of choice and vote in their riding (where mine has a chance), and hopefully there are no wasted votes! Say I want to vote for the NDP in my riding but NDP is down Tories are up and Liberals are close behind. In my strategic voting partners riding ,NDP is up and Tories are close, but Liberals are really lacking support. He/She wants to vote Liberal, and I’m voting NDP  but they wont make a difference where we are, so we do a switcheroo of who we are voting for so that Liberals can be elected in my riding and NDP can be elected in His/Her riding, and both parties win a seat in parliament, we both win. The only problem is there is no way to ensure that the other person voted for who you wanted, you will just have to put your trust in this person to do the right thing. In the end the only way to ensure a vote for your party is to vote for them yourself. Whether you vote strategically or not, don’t forget to vote MAY 2nd! and check out the SYC-CJS 1vote Challenge      http://syc-cjs.org/elections

Megan 😀 happy voting!

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