2011 debate – A new voter’s perspective

Megan Stewart

I’m rubber, you’re glue – whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you! I remember saying that when I was a kid, and I didn’t want to admit something. It reminded me of the debate – was there even a question that really got answered? Either way I learned a little bit about each candidate, Harpers favourite word just might be ECONOMY.

I went into the debate thinking that a few lucky people’s questions would get answered but all I heard was all of the party leaders being accused by each other of lying, and not doing their job – among other things. Harper never really answered questions, only vaguely talked about things related to the question. Ignatieff always called Harper on not answering questions but never really answered how he would solve the problem, only talked about what the problem was. Layton came the closest to answering the questions, but usually just ended up telling Harper what he would have done in the “old days”. And Duceppe wasn’t so bad, but he was just talking about Quebec.

No matter the nature of the question it somehow always seemed to go back to the economy, or how Harper isn’t the best suited to be Prime Minister of Canada. Out of all the questions selected there was nothing related to any youth issues, nor environmental issues.  And they wonder why so many young people don’t bother voting.

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