An Open Letter to the Politicians of Canada

The Sierra Youth Coalition is shocked by recent political party interference in voting at the University of Guelph. The Conservative Party of Canada is currently challenging the validity of student votes cast during a special advance poll on campus – a standard practice during elections. In addition, stunning allegations have been made that members of the local Conservative campaign actively interfered with voting and possibly even with the ballot box itself on Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Voting is the fundamental right of a democracy. Youth are being told by us to vote, that the way to be heard is to cast a ballot. Thanks to the actions that have taken place at the University Guelph, that message has become “If we don’t like what you’re saying, your vote doesn’t count.”

The youth of Canada are tired of fighting. We want action. Action on Climate Change. Action on student debt. Action on Human Rights. We want protection for the environment, more accessible universities, net neutrality, equal rights for all Canadians and proper representation. Unfortunately, on the whole, Canada’s major political parties are barely mentioning any of these issues.

While we are tired of fighting, that doesn’t mean we will stop. The future of this country belongs to us, and we will continue to speak out to protect it. The question is, who amongst you will listen?

For more information, please see the articles published in the Guelph Mercury and The Toronto Star.

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  1. My blog entry today:

    Implicit Voter Suppression: Are we Witnessing the Opening of a New Bag of Dirty Tricks?

    Pressured by the Harperites, Elections Canada played perfectly into their Rove-like voter repression strategy yesterday in suspending special ballot voting on campuses across the country. If I were a university student, no matter what my voter preference, I’d be appalled if not outraged at such an ant-democractic tactic, and it amazes me how few pundits and media types have twigged to what’s really going on here. Aware of well-established voting trends on campus, the Harperites know that this potential campus vote is not, in general, going to favour them; it’s going to be for one of the other four parties. And so, in addition to all the strong-arm assaults against students at Harperite rallies, we now have another manipulative, unethical way to work towards that coveted majority. What further imported Republican-style dirt tricks are we now going to witness during the remainder of the campaign? This is really scary.

    I urge all those students who want to vote on campus but will not be able to do so to bring your energy and passion for voting to your home riding. The future is yours to lose.

    Folw me on Twitter @AppalledBC


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