Worst. Debate. Ever.

Well, I got pretty fired up before the debate. I ate a humble dinner of mac and cheese and a chai tea and sat down in front of my computer ready to tweet my fingers to the bone when the leaders began talking about climate change.

Granted, my fingers were numb by the end of the debate. Gabriela and I had been tweeting and re-tweeting memorable quotes from the debate. However, I was disappointed after nearly two hours of waiting to hear the words “last question”, with no conversation or debate about climate change, save for a few mentions of the Cophenhagen Accord and a brief mention of the senseless murder of Bill C-311. Sadly, I had to open another webcast with Elizabeth May’s live reaction to the debates in order to hear anything about climate change or clean energy.

No party had a strong youth platform. I probably heard the word youth twice.

What I did hear last night, primarily from the opposition members, is a concern for democracy. I have to disagree with our prime minister when he calls our democratic process “petty bickering” or that this is the election nobody wanted. In fact, I think most Canadian’s agreed in various polls that it was indeed time for an election – it’s a normal part of a minority government. I also believe debating is part of a normal democracy and an opportunity for all candidates to plead their case to a jury of their 33 million peers.

And let’s not forget that famous Globe and Mail article that showed how Canadian parliament would look if only youth voted. The Liberal Party of Canada would form a minority government, followed by the Green Party as official opposition. In fact, it appears as though minority governments would become the norm.

If you want to learn more about the current political parties and their platforms, visit:
Bloc Quebecois: http://www.blocquebecois.org
Conservative Party of Canada: http://www.conservative.ca
Green Party of Canada: http://www.greenparty.ca
Liberal Party of Canada: http://www.liberal.ca
NDP: http://www.ndp.ca

Visit elections.ca for vital elections information – get yourself on the voter list! And if you’re a youth or student, check out their student/young voter faqs.

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