I’m back from Costa Rica  and it was the trip of a life time. All 8 days were packed full of amazing things to do, and with a guide like Verny, it couldn’t have been better.  Some of the things we did while there: Visited EARTH University (Universidad EARTH) visited the banana plantation, took a hike through the rain forest and saw some scary spiders, and also some amazing howler monkeys up in the canopy of the trees. We also visited their animal farms where they research, implement, and learn the best ways to take care of their livestock. We also ate in their cafeteria which was beautifully decorated with flowers, trees, and gardens along with some rather cute and speedy salamanders scurrying about the rafters. Since the weather is so good out there the cafeteria did  not have any glass in the windows, so we were able to eat  our beans and rice outside in the  fresh air.

After two days at Universidad Earth we had to say despedida y pura vida (farewell and pura vida which you use to convey happiness or wellness ). So we packed out bags and prepared for a long hike and two exciting days in the rain forest at the Rios Tropicales lodge.Before heading to the lodge we first dropped off our big suitcases at the Rios Tropicales operation centre, and headed to an elementary school down the street where we planted a garden in front of the principals office and then headed over to see the children perform some skits for us, and then we gave them some of the school supplies that we brought from home . Then we set out for the rain forest. To get there we needed to take an hour long tractor ride and hike down into the rain forest. When we finally arrived at the lodge we rushed into our bathing suits and jumped into a waterfall to cool off. We then retreated to the hammocks to watch the beautiful blue water flow down the river before we started on dinner, which was of course more rice and beans! Day four was an exciting day, the two other schools we went with were allowed to go zip lining unfortunately my school was not but we made our own fun skipping rocks into the river and exploring! After the zip lining we hiked a little through the mountains to get to a bucket which we took two by two across the river to get to our beautiful horses. When I made eye contact with my horse I knew it was going to be mine, it was meant to be because I later found out her name was Johnny (my uncles name ). We rode the horses to protected land where we planted new trees to help, and diversify the land.  After the tree planting we rode our horses to a beautiful family run butterfly farm. After the butterfly farm we ate lunch and visited a small school with only one room and approximately 10 children. while there we painted rocks and played with the kids. After that we sadly had to say despedida to our caballos (horses) and made a 1.5 hour treck down a rocky slippery mountainside, back to the bucket. we continued walking back to to our lodge but only after making a pit stop at a beautiful little hidden waterfall.

The next four days were filled with awesome adventures sloth’s, monkeys, beaches, tasty food, and a little bit of ocean rescue ( thank-you Verny and Sue), and A LOT of sitting on the bus and plane.

Thank-you to all the teachers and everyone for coming and to Mrs.Newsome because we wouldnt have had a trip with out you.

Megan, below are some picture from my trip enjoy 🙂

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