International Women’s Day

Today is the 100th Aniversary of International Women’s Day. Women’s right’ s have been ignored for a long time . In the Early 1900’s women decided that they had had enough and started demanding change.  In 1908  15,000 women marched through New York city demanding better pay, more hours and the right to vote. Although they did not get the right to vote for another 12 years it sparked change- soon after Clara Zetkin had the idea to have a day where women and their rights and accomplishments were recognized around the world. This is how National Women’s day(US) emerged, and then International women’s day in 1911. By 1914 IWD was to always fall on the 8th of March.  Since 1911 Events have been held around world to celebrate women.

Now 100 years later we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of IWD. We as women have come far, and will undoubtedly go further. In 100 years we have many rights that we did not have before, we can vote, and are able to work many places. Still, discrimination against women happens frequently and many women feel they are not recognized as equal to men. There are many places where you can see that women aren’t as established as they could or should be, for example in government only 5.7% of the worlds 191 nations have women in power.  This is not set in stone, there is nothing saying that there can’t be more women than men in government. Now all we have to do is go for it because we can accomplish anything we want!

So fellow women, enjoy the day that celebrates us being us and never stop following your dreams! Have a good IWD everyone!

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