Federal cuts ‘frustrating’.

Mark Hanlon, National Director

Dear members and allies,

Today, word came that the federal government is slashing funding to Environment Canada and Natural Resources. The cuts will include a 59% decrease in climate change and air-pollution spending as part of more than $1.6 billion in government-wide reductions to environmental services across several federal departments.

Groups like Sierra Club Canada are already fuming over this decision. John Bennett, executive director of the club says “We’re replacing Canada’s Action Plan with an official inaction plan. This makes all the announcements about improving “monitoring” and “enforcement” of the tar sands megaprojects meaningless.”

The Sierra Youth Coalition is one such organization that, on occasion, receives funding from departments to run programs such as our flagship program, Sustainable Campuses. As a coalition, we are extremely disappointed and frustrated with this decision. The decision has been made despite a recent poll released on February 22 by the Public Policy Forum which showed 80% of Canadians believe the science behind climate change; furthermore, 65% of Canadians believed the government has a role to play in addressing it.

It’s alarming that our government would make extreme cuts to such valuable programs – but you can take action to fight them. Call or write your member of Parliament; call or write the Prime Minster’s Office. Tell them you care about funding for environmental programs in Canada – and you care about the future of our country – and our

To find your member of parliament, visit

To contact the Prime Minister’s office, visit

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