My Internship with the Sierra Youth Coalition

My three month internship at SYC has been an informative first hand look into the non profit industry. I have learned much about the dynamics of a team who is working towards a goal in which they believe in, in this case, sustainability. A big thanks to the SYC staff, Gabriela, Marie-Pierre, Mark and Tracy for being so helpful with this learning experience.

From Parliament Hill to Ottawa University this placement has taken me all over the downtown core. I have learned that this is the ideal place for an organization like SYC to function. A big part of what SYC does is connect with other organizations with similar goals, such as the youth delegation for COP 16 or the climate action network. One of the big things I found with SYC is that they were very realistic with their goals and planned accordingly.

My position was Communications intern, so as well as provide general support for miscellaneous jobs I was responsible for helping out with the social media presence. It showed me how important social media is becoming in this industry. It is rapidly becoming the best way to get out your message, not to say that it is the only way. I learned about workshops, press releases and demonstrations as mediums to promote your goals.

Overall the Sierra youth coalition is an excellent example of a non profit organization and I would recommend a placement here to anyone interested in the industry.

– Alex

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