On Track – Briefly?

Tracey here again! So Edmonton and Saskatoon presently – in the middle – both short stops.

Two days gives you time to meet the right people, step into the right offices, maybe go out for supper and head back on your way.

Visiting with Lou, who is on our Excomm and has worked with the CSAF for her student union (and consequently assessing all of U of A) was fabulous! She is a capable student activist with a lot of interesting ideas going around her head – it was neat to see hear Ideas that I recognize, and feel the affirmation in experiencing that other people (across the country) think about these things and struggle with issues like Green Capitalism and where their own life fits among these platonic bubbles of societal critique. She never mentioned platonic bubbles though.

Similarly in meeting with the Edmonton students working on various campus initiatives I got the sense that I could understand a lot of what they were expressing when I asked them if they felt a part of a national movement – I too have had similar thoughts – four years ago, in Ottawa! While their answers were interesting – it was a whole new level of comprehension to see these students some from a different era in schooling and popular culture experiences – be so similar, and go through so many of the same thoughts and experiences to myself and other folks that I’ve met who are passionate about these issues. What is it that links us? On the outside while we seem so varied… weird?

Thanks to Lisa, a passionate sustainability advocate and community member, there was no worry about making it to the out-of-the-way train station (no good transit going there!) I arrived in plenty of time to digest the thoughts from hanging out in her office, seeing the good work they are doing (deliberative process – big aspect of sustainability) and learning from their director in the Sustainability Office at the University of Alberta, who has vision and the means to make real worthwhile change, albeit perhaps slowly.

Getting from the Saskatoon train station also looked like it may be difficult, luckily a very kind family agreed to drive me to the university when I asked them to! I hadn’t yet arranged a time to meet Ellen and I figured the school would be a good place to figure out my plan. Low and behold i was dropped off right in from of the SUB (unbeknownst to my gracious lifesavers!) and in looking for someone who might work for the office I found myself downstairs in front of the only open door with a youth at the desk, the Pride Centre! Thus I found my new friend who helped me figure out how to get about Saskatoon! The joy of meeting the right people at the right time and Trusting. It’s been my experience that life provides.

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