On Track – We Made It!

Wheee! Four days and no showers later (well for me, Gabriela mentioned that it was an imperative that I shower as soon as possible as I was getting ‘a little ripe’) we rode into Vancouver earlier than scheduled with all pieces still in tow. The weather welcomed us as the sun shone and Sarah Stoner from goBEYOND eased our arrival process with good instructions of where to await her. Sarah  graciously brought us to her mother’s house- where Gabriela stayed for the night.

After getting some work done I met up with everyone who went to the Board of Change meeting. We had supper and a good discussion about the technical expertise and coordinated efforts that are needed for sustainability in practice. The next day began early with preparations for interviews with candidates for the coordinator position for this year’s Western Region’s Sustainable Campuses conference at UBC in partnership with goBEYOND and the Common Energy’s NOW conference.

Today was particularly energizing as we had an excellent brainstorming session with a more in-depth look at the theme and the format of the conference. I’m excited to get thinking about content because we have some great frames and goals – foremost to present the context of campus sustainability (where we’ve been) to showcase the current campaigns, actions and effective institutional mechanisms of today (where we are, highlighting various stages/degrees of success/…) and creating the space for big picture thinking and where we want to be, (visioning for the future). It’s going to be fabulous. If you’re keen to contribute content ideas or a workshop, send me an email at national@syc-cjs.org and we’ll set up a call!

Now riding the ferry to Victoria for the People’s Assembly there!

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