For Immediate Release: Sustainability Tour!

SYC rides the rails on a Sustainability Tour of Western Canada!

Photo credit: Ben Powless

(Ottawa, ON) A young woman from Ottawa is travelling from central Canada to Vancouver to promote campus sustainability across Canada. Tracey Guptill, 27, will be taking her message across the West from December 2nd to December 22nd and will do so by train, sponsored by VIA Rail Canada. Tracey has recently been hired by the Sierra Youth Coalition to coordinate the National Sustainable Campuses program – a program that works with young change-makers to institutionalize sustainability. Guptill will be documenting her journey through video and social networking and will release a mini-documentary in 2011.

Guptill says connecting those who work to create the changes necessary to move from the theory of sustainability to the practice is important. “Many students, school administrations and community members tackle these issues daily, and their solutions need to be recognized and shared so the movement can continue to grow in reach” said Guptill.

Guptill is convinced that, right under our noses, the movement for a world that nurtures gentler practices and values civic and community engagement is growing. “The young leaders of tomorrow are being raised to believe that they need not conquer the world, they only need to participate in their communities and by strengthening these bonds we’ll be able to make positive choices for the environment and the economy in a more balanced manner.”

During the tour, Guptill will be “doing an on-site inventory of where the movement is at – assessing where the Sustainable Campuses program should focus its energy in order to strengthen the power of the network.” Guptill will also head east in 2011 to promote sustainability in Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.

The current tour will kick off in Ottawa on December 2nd and complete round-trip in Kingston on December 22nd. Guptill will be blogging from and will be providing updates via Twitter (@SierraYouth) and Facebook. Tracey Guptill can be reached during the tour at

About Sustainable Campuses
Sustainable Campuses is a program of the Sierra Youth Coalition that has been working to innovate Canadian post-secondary institutions since 1998 with the goal of encouraging Canadian post-secondary institutions to adopt sustainable practices and policies.

About Sierra Youth Coalition
Sierra Youth Coalition (SYC) is the youth arm of the Sierra Club Canada and has been working towards the involvement of youth in Canadian environmental issues. Since 1996, SYC aims to address unsustainable practices through a solutions based approach that promotes education for sustainability, bioregionalism, and sustainable communities. Additional media inquiries can be directed to Mark Hanlon, national director at 613-241-1615.


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