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With Environmental Defense we organized a mock send-off from the Canadian Alliance of Petroleum Peddlers, thanking the delgates for relaxing in Cancun so that the Tar Sands nonsense could continue…. Here’s the front cover news photo:
Relax, Skip the Meetings! -oil industry lobbyists–young-canadians-call-for-action-at-cancun-climate-conference

With the Canadian Youth Delegation headed off to the Climate Negotiations in Cancun, I wanted to post information about what folks could do at home to help remind the rest of the world that important talks are happening now that will play a part in determining our future. So I had a call with Sarah Jane Saska who SYC works with in our capacity as coalition member of the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. She filled me in on some of the details of the Home team!

The exciting news is that they have people on the ground across Canada working to organize various events –

Most notable are the 14 People’s Assemblies being organized with the Canadian Labour Congress. Maude Barlow explains:

Check here to see if there’s one in your area, during my tour I’ll make it to the one in Victoria!

You can also strategize with the home team on other important ways to help spread the word during the negotiations; people involved in this process meet by teleconference on Sundays at 10 pm EST to discuss strategy. Email Sarah Jane for call details cycc.greenjobs[at], it’s worth it to join in!

Other Home Team Members-
Hometeam members!

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